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Paula Butler of Butler Workplace Solutions enjoys working with large and small organizations from a variety of industries, in the public and private sectors, for profit and non-profits, and in unionized and non-unionized environments.

Ms Butler has worked with over 200 employers and employees since 1990. Her list of clients includes:

“Wonderful to work with … grasps issues quickly, and has a great understanding of how organizations and the people in them work.” (A client’s remarks)

“Paula has clarity of language that invites participation and engagement at all levels.”
(A client’s remarks)

“Paula's rational thinking along with her keen sense of compassion and fairness make dealing with even the most difficult issues manageable.” (A client’s remarks)

“I value her legal knowledge and business pragmatism as well as her common sense approach to issues. She is extremely affable and able to bring closure to complex labour relations issues.” (A client’s remarks)

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